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Evelyn Evelyn - Evelyn Evelyn Pop

Evelyn Evelyn is the debut full length album by Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) and Jason Webley's musical discovery (read: created from whole cloth) - the conjoined twins Eva and Lyn who perform as Evelyn Evelyn. There's a cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart to enjoy while you're trying to decide if this is genius, a joke in very poor taste, or both.


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Released - Tuesday, March 30 , 2010
1. Evelyn Evelyn
2. A Campaign of Shock and Awe
3. The Tragic Events of September
4. Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn?
5. Chicken Man
6. Tragic Events - Part II
7. Sandy Fishnets
8. Elephant Elephant
9. You Only Want Me 'Cause You Want My Sister
10. Tragic Events - Part III
11. My Space
12. Love Will Tear Us Apart