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Eric Church - "Chief" Country

To some modern country artists, the words critics are using to describe Eric Church's third studio album may seem off-putting, but to the trailblazing mutineer and his equally passionate fans, the terms: "strange," "aggressive," "wild," and "rare," couldn't be more complimentary. Church's third studio album, Chief, has been buzzing as the most experiential, head-turning country album of the year.


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Released - Tuesday, July 26 , 2011
  1. Creepin'
  2. Drink In My Hand
  3. Keep On
  4. Like Jesus Does
  5. Hungover & Hard Up
  6. Homeboy
  7. Country Music Jesus
  8. Jack Daniels
  9. Springsteen
  10. I'm Gettin' Stoned
  11. Over When It's Over