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Devotchka - 100 Lovers Rock

 100 Lovers is the fifth album length set of new material from Devotchka, the Colorado-based quartet. That's if we're not counting the six-track EP Curse Your Little Heart, from 2006. In any case, Devotchka is made up of multi-instrumentalists who draw on various European folk musics (notably from the Balkans) and put them in harness with American indie-rock. The results can be devastatingly successful. HitFix own Katie Hasty certainly thinks so. 


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Released - Tuesday, March 1 , 2011

  1. The Alley
2. All the Sand In All the Sea
3. 100 Other Lovers
4. The Common Good
5. Interlude 1
6. The Man From San Sebastian
7. Exhaustible
8. Interlude 2
9. Bad Luck Heels
10. Ruthless
11. Contrabanda
12. Sunshine