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Daughtry - "Break The Spell" Rock

Break the Spell is a gleaming showcase for frontman Chris Daughtry's powerful, emotionally resonant voice and knack for relentless melodic hooks and big, anthemic choruses. Produced by Howard Benson, who produced Daughtry's two previous albums, Break The Spell gives the band room to evolve musically while aiming to satisfy its many long-time fans. "Going in to the writing sessions, we said, 'Let's not try to sound like anything. Let's just write, and see what happens,'" says Chris, who co-wrote every song with either one of his band-mates (guitarists Josh Steely and Brian Craddock and bassist Josh Paul) or collaborators such as Marti Frederiksen, Busbee, and Bret James. "We came up with some pretty interesting tunes that sound nothing like anything we've done before. Even though some of them didn't make the album, the process stretched us and took us to new places. It was an absolutely inspirational experience."

The risk-taking is apparent on such primal, slithering rockers as the hard-driving "Renegade," which Entertainment Weekly praised for its "wind-in-your-eyes hook and leather-glove-to-the-sky chorus" calling it "the ideal soundtrack for hitting the highway." "I wanted it to be really upbeat and hard-hitting, Chris explains. "At the same time, "Crawling Back To You" is a more uplifting and hopeful song that will appeal to fans who have been with us from the start."


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Released - Monday, November 21 , 2011