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Trace Adkins - Cowboy's Back in Town (extra tracks) Country

Cowboy's Back In Town is Trace Adkins ninth studio album of country songs. Track 4, "This Ain't No Love Song" makes us realize how much the world needs a cover of PiL's classic "This Is Not a Love Song", which this ain't. It is, though, the first single from the album, and has garnered good radio play. Adkins left Capitol Nashville in January, and Cowboy's Back in Town has been released Show Dog-Universal Music. This deluxe version of the album has four more songs than the regular edition, for a measly two extra bucks.


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Released - Tuesday, August 17 , 2010
1. Brown Chicken Brown Cow
2. Hold My Beer
3. Cowboy's Back In Town
4. This Ain't No Love Song
5. Hell, I Can Do That
6. A Little Bit Of Missin' You*
7. Still Love You*
8. Don't Mind If I Don't* (featuring Trailer Choir)
9. Ala-Freakin-Bama*
10. Break Her Fall
11. Whoop A Man's Ass