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Colton Dixon - "A Messenger" Pop

American Idol's Season 11 finalist Colton Dixon's powerful and iconic voice quickly earned him a loyal and enthusiastic fan following among the shows 20 million viewers that kept him from placing in the bottom three until his last week in the competition. Following a shocking early elimination, Colton hit the road with the other Idol finalists for the American Idol LIVE! Tour, where he performed in front of over 360,000 fans across the country.


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Released - Tuesday, January 29 , 2013

1. Never Gone
2. You Are
3. Love Has Come for Me
4. Where Does My Heart Go
5. The Noise
6. I'll Be the Light
7. Let Them See You
8. In and Out of Time
9. Scars
10. The Shape of Your Love
11. This Is Who I Am