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Colbie Caillat - "All Of You" Pop

Brand new album featuring "I Do" and "Brighter Than The Sun". This is the third album from Colbie, following up on "Breakthrough" and the smash debut "Coco".


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  • B
    On “All of You,” her third album, out July 12, Colbie Caillat retains her pleasing guile, but she’s thrown in a small dose of reality. A naivete has been replaced with a cautious, but still dominant, optimism.

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Released - Tuesday, July 12 , 2011

1. Brighter Than the Sun
2. I Do
3. Before I Let You Go
4. Favorite Song
5. What If
6. Shadow
7. Think Good Thoughts
8. Like Yesterday
9. All Of You
10. Dream Life
11. What Means the Most
12. Make It Rain