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Chelsea Light Moving - "Chelsea Light Moving" Rock

Chelsea Light Moving is the band from Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, named the #1 Guitarist Of All Time by Spin. Featuring the backing talents of Keith Wood on guitar, Samara Lubelskion bass and John Moloney on drums; the same band from Thurston's 2011 solo album Demolished Thoughts -- but this time it hits hard with rock n roll noise. The man himself describes the tracks as "chug & shred burners," and they hit the usual mind blowing variety of rock-historical reference points and the primal clatter Thurston's pioneered for over two decades.

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Released - Tuesday, March 5 , 2013

1. Sleeping Where I Fall
2. Alighted
3. Lip
4. Groovy & Linda
5. Burroughs
6. Empires Of Time
7. Frank O Hara Hit
8. Mohawk
9. heavenmetal
10. Communist Eyes