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Candy Dulfer - "Crazy" Jazz

Candy pushes the whole musical experience to the edge once again on her new recording, Crazy. The 13-song set includes numerous tracks co-written and produced by multi-instrumentalist Printz Board whose mile-long list of credits includes musical director for the Black Eyed Peas for more than a decade, as well as work with a broad range of artists: Macy Gray, Mariah Carey, Sergio Mendes Gomez, Katy Perry,Burt Bacharach and dozens more.

When saxophonist Candy Dulfer steps onto the stage or into the studio, everything is immediately up for grabs and anything can happen. This sexy, high-energy vibe seemingly out-of-control, yet always carefully calculated is a direct result of her consistently hot and sweet confection of jazz, funk, R&B, soul, pop, techno and more. It's a no-holds-barred recipe that has served her and her worldwide fan base well since her earliest recordings at the start of the 1990s.

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Released - Tuesday, January 31 , 2012

1. Stop All That Noise
2. Crazy
3. Hey Now
4. Flame
5. Good Music
6. Complic8ed Lives
7. Calling Next Door
8. Electric Blue
9. In Or Out
10. I Do
11. Rocket, Rocket
12. No End
13. Open Up
14. Please Don t Stop
15. Too Close