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Camper Van Beethoven - "El Camino Real" Pop

Indie rock stalwarts Camper Van Beethoven are back with El Camino Real, the companion album and follow up to their highly lauded La Costa Perdida. Whereas La Costa reflected the northern California back to the country side of the band with lush and trippy references to Jack Keruac, Richard Brautigan, The Beach Boys and Big Sur , the songs on El Camino Real are firmly rooted in a grittier earth one that lies beneath the southern half of the state and stretches all the way down to Baja California. Produced by the band and recorded in various studios and living rooms, El Camino Real s harder sonic edges capture the sounds of an entirely different road trip from Bakersfield through the Inland Empire and beyond the border to Mexico. The lineup remains Victor Krummenacher, Greg Lisher, David Lowery, Jonathan Segel and Michael Urbano.

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Released - Tuesday, June 3 , 2014

1. The Ultimate Solution
2. It Was Like That When We Got Here
3. Classy Dames and Able Gents
4. Camp Pendleton
5. Dockweiler Beach
6. Sugartown
7. I Live in L.A.
8. Out Like A Lion
9. Goldbase
10. Darken Your Door
11. Grasshopper