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Brody Dalle - "Diploid Love" Pop

This is the first-ever solo album from Brody Dalle, the former front woman for The Distillers and Spinnerette. Diploid Love is a recording about life: creating it, living it and surviving it. Brody Dalle spent a year writing, playing, recording and co-producing her first solo album, a riotous blast of punk rock with a pop sheen that storms through ideas about the modern age, triumphing against the odds and even spirituality.

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Released - Monday, May 19 , 2014

1. Rat Race
2. Underworld
3. Don't Mess With Me
4. Dressed in Dreams
5. Carry On
6. Meet the Foetus/Oh the Joy
7. I Don't Need Your Love
8. Blood in Gutters
9. Parties for Prostitutes