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British Sea Power - Valhalla Dancehall

 Valhalla Dancehall is the fifth studio album from the acclaimed Brighton based indie rock sextet. The album was partly recorded in Scotland on the Isle of Skye. Valhalla Dancehall includes the single "Living is So Easy".

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Released - Tuesday, January 11 , 2011


  1. "Who’s In Control"
  2. "We Are Sound"
  3. "Georgie Ray"
  4. "Stunde Null"
  5. "Mongk II"
  6. "Luna"
  7. "Baby"
  8. "Living Is So Easy"
  9. "Observe The Skies"
  10. "Cleaning Out The Rooms"
  11. "Thin Black Sail"
  12. "Once More Now"
  13. "Heavy Water"