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Bret Michaels - Custom Built Rock

Bret Michaels is best known as the star of various reality TV shows and for being lead singer of '80s glam band Poison, whose global smash "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" has just been covered by Miley Cyrus, and a country version of which is included on Custom Built. What goes around comes around, Miley sang with Michaels on the first single from the album, "Nothing to Lose". Custom Built is Michaels' third solo album is his first in five years, and manages to include a handful of songs from his previous records, as well as the retread of "Every Rose" and two versions of "Nothing to Lose" (with and without Miley, respectively).


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Released - Tuesday, July 6 , 2010
  1. "Riding Against the Wind" (Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It Theme)
  2. "Lie to Me"
  3. "Nothing to Lose" (featuring Miley Cyrus) - 3:55
  4. "Wasted Time"
  5. "What I Got" (Bud Gaugh, Bradley Nowell, Half Pint, Eric Wilson)
  6. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" (Country Version)
  7. "Go That Far" (Club Mix)
  8. "Driven" (Rock Mix)
  9. "Open Road" (Originally from the album Freedom of Sound)
  10. "Rock' n My Country" (Originally from the album Freedom of Sound)
  11. "Nothing to Lose" (solo version)
  12. "I'd Die for You" (Originally from the album A Letter from Death Row)