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Brad - "United We Stand" Rock

Anchored by the astonishing vocals of singer/pianist Shawn Smith (Pigeonhed/Satchel), BRAD's soulful rock sound is deeply rooted in Seattle's rock scene going back 19 years. Originating as a side-project, BRAD also features core members Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) on guitar, drummer Regan Hagar (Satchel and Malfunkshun), and new bass player, Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple and David Sylvian).

BRAD recently completed work on United We Stand, a brand new studio album set for release on April 24th 2012. Comprised of 10 tracks, longtime fans of the band will find much to love on United We Stand as BRAD's reflective, unique song writing approach is intact with Shawn Smith's soaring vocals cascading over songs like "A Reason To Be In My Skin," "Needle And Thread" and "Bound In Time."

Stone Gossard explains, "After 19 years as a band, BRAD's brotherhood remains intact and vibrant. I couldn't be more excited about our latest opus." He continues, "A year and a half in the making, United We Stand is our combined and loving collaboration. We hit all the stops, down beat grooves, soaring vocals, and riffs galore. We're in this bad boy for the long haul people."


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Released - Tuesday, April 24 , 2012

1. Miles Of Rope
2. Bound in Time
3. A Reason To Be In My Skin
4. Diamond Blues
5. The Only Way
6. Last Bastion
7. Make The Pain Go Away
8. Needle And Thread
9. Tea Bag
10. Through The Day