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Boy George - "This Is What I Do" Electronic/Dance

Boy George may not have disappeared from the public consciousness over the course of the past two decades but he hasn't recorded an album of original material in nearly that amount of time.  Yes, this is Boy George's first album of original material in 18 years.  It is produced by Richie Stevens with guests DJ Yoda, Kitty Durham, Ally McErlaine, MC Spee, and Nizar Al Issa.


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Released - Tuesday, March 25 , 2014

1. King of Everything
2. Bigger Than War
3. Live Your Life
4. My God
5. It’s Easy
6. Death of Samantha
7. Any Road
8. My Star
9. Love and Danger
10. Nice and Slow
11. Play Me
12. Feel The Vibration
13. Turn on a Little Light For Me
14. Make You Feel My Love
15. Video Games