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Blur - "Blur" (Special Edition) Pop

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of their debut release, Blur s eponymous fifth album has now been remastered from the original tapes by Frank Arkwright (The Smiths, Arcade Fire, New Order, Joy Division), with the remastering overseen by legendary original producer, Stephen Street.
Continuing the trend, Blur went straight in at No 1 on its release in February 1997, as had Parklife and The Great Escape before it. Representing a musical evolution for the band, the album is home to two of Blur s biggest hits in Beetlebum and Song 2. B-sides taken from all formats of these two singles are included in the accompanying Blur Special Edition bonus disc, along with b-sides from the album s fourth single M.O.R. Also included on the bonus disc is a 7 mix of Death Of A Party by Adrian Sherwood, the Dust Brothers produced Cowboy Song (which featured on the Dead Man On Campus soundtrack), four acoustic live tracks recorded at Viva Niteclub (previously only released on the German-only version of the M.O.R. single) and three live tracks recorded at MC Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands, which were only previously released on the Netherlands-only version of the album.
The Blur Special Edition is housed in a deluxe lift-off lid box with four exclusive Blur artwork postcards and an expanded booklet that includes previously unseen photos and liner notes based on a brand new interview with all the band members.


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Released - Tuesday, July 31 , 2012

Disc 1
1. Beetlebum (5:05)
2. Song 2 (2:03)
3. Country Sad Ballad Man (4:50)
4. M.O.R.(3:23)
5. On Your Own (4:28)
6. Theme from Retro (3:38)
7. You're So Great(3:37)
8. Death of a Party(4:33)
9. Chinese Bombs (1:24)
10. I'm Just a Killer for Your Love (4:11)
11. Look Inside America (3:50)
12. Strange News from Another Star (4:02)
13. Movin' On (3:39)
14. Essex Dogs (8:08)
15. Interlude (1:41)

Disc 2
1. All Your Life (4:11)
2. A Spell (For Money)(3:31)
3. Woodpigeon Song (1:42)
4. Dancehall (2012 - Remaster)(3:11)
5. Get Out of Cities (4:02)
6. Polished Stone (2:45)
7. Bustin' and Dronin' (6:32)
8. M.O.R. [Road Version] (3:01)
9. Swallows in the Heatwave (2:32)
10. Death of a Party [7'' Remix](4:17)
11. Cowboy Song (4:06)
12. Beetlebum [Live Acoustic Version](4:33)
13. On Your Own [Live Acoustic Version] (4:12)
14. Country Sad Ballad Man [Live Acoustic Version] (4:43)
15. This Is a Low [Live Acoustic Version] (3:29)
16. M.O.R. [Live in Utrecht] (3:17)
17. Death of a Party [Live in Utrecht] (4:16)
18. Song 2 [Live in Utrecht] (2:05)