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Ben Harper - "By My Side" Pop

By My Side is a twelve song retrospective of unforgettable ballads by genre-bending, Grammy®-winning musician and songwriter, Ben Harper. Featuring songs personally selected by Harper, By My Side includes classics like Forever, Diamonds On The Inside and Waiting On An Angel. By My Side also introduces a brand new recording called Crazy Amazing as well as a never-before-released studio version of Not Fire Not Ice. This is Ben Harper s first-ever career-spanning compilation.


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Released - Tuesday, October 16 , 2012

1. Forever
2. By My Side
3. Gold To Me
4. Diamonds On The Inside
5. In The Colors
6. Beloved One
7. Not Fire Not Ice
8. Morning Yearning
9. Feel Love
10. Happy Everafter In Your Eyes
11. Waiting On An Angel
12. Crazy Amazing