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Bela Fleck & The Marcus Roberts Trio - "Across the Imaginary Divide" Jazz

The latest release from Bela Fleck & The Marcus Roberts Trio, and produced by Fleck and Roberts.

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Released - Tuesday, June 5 , 2012

1. Some Roads Lead Home(6:18)
2. I'm Gonna Tell You This Story One More Time(5:43)
3. Across the Imaginary Divide(4:44)
4. Let Me Show You What to Do(4:56)
5. Petunia(5:03)
6. Topaika(4:35)
7. One Blue Truth(4:28)
8. Let's Go(5:59)
9. Kalimba(6:24)
10. The Sunshine and the Moonlight(5:38)
11. That Old Thing(5:09)
12. That Ragtime Feeling(4:08)