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Robert Plant - Band of Joy Pop

Band of Joy is Robert Plant's latest solo record. The album is a collection of covers, some of which you might have expected -- there's a Lightning Hopkins song, for instance -- some of which are genuinely surprising -- there are not one, but two covers of Low songs, good ones, too.

Plant of course is best known for fronting heavy rock legends Led Zeppelin, but before Zep, he and (the late) John Bonham were in a band from Birmingham, England, called; you guessed it; Band of Joy  (not to be confused with now active again indie stalwarts Band of Holy Joy). Anyway, his new band has no members in common with the original Band of Joy (or its brief, Plantless, Bonhamless later iteration) but is nonetheless named Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. We clear?

The cover art is unfortunately reminiscent of Marillion's early sleeves. One can only hope the similarities end there.


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Released - Tuesday, September 14 , 2010