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Ashanti - "Braveheart" R & B and Soul

Much delayed, the new release from Ashanti has finally arrived.  "Braveheart" has been discussed, talked about, and given a release date for months on end.  Finally though, today, after all that talk, all that waiting, all that speculation, the album is here.  Find out if the wait was worth it.


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Released - Tuesday, March 4 , 2014

1. Intro / Braveheart
2. Nowhere
3. Runaway
4. Count
5. Early in the Morning (featuring French Montana)
6. 3 Words
7. Love Games (featuring Jeremih)
8. Scars
9. Never Should Have
10. She Can't
11. Don't Tell Me No
12. I Got It (featuring Rick Ross)
13. First Real Love (featuring Beenie Man) Outro