Antony and the Johnsons - Swanlights

Antony and the Johnsons' fourth album length studio recording, Swanlights, drops today on the Secretly Canadian label.

Lead singer Antony Hegarty's overwrought delivery is a binary proposition: love it or loathe it. Either way, he can't be ignored and if you're a fan you probably already have the "Thank You For Your Love" EP from September, the title track of which is featured on Swanlights. If you're not a fan, or you're unsure, then follow the buy link to hear thirty second clips of two of the songs on the album.


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Released - Tuesday, October 12 , 2010
  • 1. Everything is New
  • 2. Great White Ocean, The
  • 3. Ghost
  • 4. I'm In Love
  • 5. Violetta
  • 6. Swanlights
  • 7. Spirit Was Gone, The
  • 8. Thank You For Your Love
  • 9. Fl¿tta
  • 10. Salt Silver Oxygen
  • 11. Christina's Farm