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5 Seconds of Summer - "5 Seconds of Summer" Pop

The latest release, and a self-titled one, from 5 Seconds of Summer, with collaborators John Feldmann, Jake Sinclair, Steve Robson, and The Madden Brothers.  The boy band is from Australia and played their first gig last than three years ago.  That was in fact their first time playing together as a four-person group.  See how they've evolved with this new album.


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Released - Tuesday, July 22 , 2014

1. She Looks So Perfect
2. Don t Stop
3. Good Girls
4. Kiss Me Kiss Me
5. 18
6. Everything I Didn t Say
7. Beside You
8. End Up Here
9. Long Way Home
10. Heartbreak Girl
11. Mrs. All American
12. Amnesia