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3OH!3 - Street of Gold Pop

3OH!3 - Streets of Gold

Fans have already lapped up the  "My First Kiss". The single features on Streets of Gold, Ohio electronica Duo 3oh!3's third studio album. The record has been kissed by KeSha and Katy Perry, both of whom put in guest vocal appearances.


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Released - Tuesday, June 29 , 2010
1. "Beaumont"    
2. "I Can Do Anything"    
3. "My First Kiss" (featuring Ke$ha)  
4. "Déjà Vu"    
5. "We Are Young"    
6. "Touchin' On My"    
7. "House Party"    
8. "R.I.P."    
9. "I Know How to Say" (featuring Katy Perry)  
10. "Double Vision"    
11. "I'm Not the One"    
12. "Streets of Gold"    
13. "See You Go"    
14. "Love 2012"