2013 CMT Music Awards

Jason Aldean and Kristen Bell host the '2013 CMT Music Awards.' (Check out their shirts)

We are not sure if 'CMT' still stands for Country Music Television, but we are sure that the CMT Music Awards honor the best of country music.  And, not just the best of country music, but the best of country music as voted by you.  Yes, it's true, your votes determine winners at the CMT Music Awards, but with Jason Aldean and Kristen Bell co-hosting the event, aren't we all winners.  We don't know how Bell is fitting the hosting duties into her baby/"House of Lies"/"Veronica Mars" movie schedule, but fitting it in she is, and we're watching with the hope that there are VM references present, even if they're just jokes.  The awards start at 8pm, eastern time.


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Released - Wednesday, June 5 , 2013
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