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Ben Harper & Relentless 7- White Lies For Dark Times

In a hostile sea of disposable, throwaway singles, Ben Harper and Relentless7 have made a true album. White Lies for Dark Times is a timeless rock record, with a cohesive collection of music that is as raw, unrelenting and thunderous, as it is arrestingly haunting and emotional.
On the raucous opening track, "Number with No Name," Harper bellows "the very thing that drives you -- can drive you insane" over an infectious guitar line and a deftly serious groove that both thumps and propels the listener. The band then brings the listener full circle in the closing track "Faithfully Remain," as Harper sings, "the truth just wastes away in all we can't explain, but I faithfully remain."

The beauty of these lyrics works as a breathtaking release which balances out the anthemic urgency of songs such as "Shimmer and Shine" and "Up to You Now," both of which are surely soon to be familiar staples at radio. This is American rock, the way it is supposed to sound and feel.


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Released - Tuesday, May 5 , 2009

1. Number with No Name
2. Up to You Now
3. Shimmer and Shine
4. Lay There and Hate Me
5. Why Must You Always Dress in Black 
6. Skin Thin 
7. Fly One Time 
8. Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)
9. Boots Like These 
10. Word Suicide, The 
11. Faithfully Remain