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Wide Open- Jason Aldean

After selling two million copies of his first two albums, topping the charts with five smash hits, racking up award nominations and hitting every stop on the requisite "new artist" tour circuit for the last three years, country rocker Jason Aldean is running full throttle into Spring. Having just wrapped his first full and very successful headlining tour, he's prepared to leverage that momentum with the release of his highly anticipated third album, Wide Open, due out April 7.

The Macon, Georgia native wrapped up 2008 on a high note. Aldean's debut of "She's Country," the first single off the forthcoming CD and now the fastest-rising single of his career to date, was introduced with a lights-out performance on the CMA Awards in November.

Upon hearing the lyrics and energy in the demo of "She's Country," Aldean knew it would be a great fit for his live show. "When we got in the studio and played it for the first time, it flew out of the speakers!" he exclaims. Written as a southern shout-out to all the country girls, the song champions the big guitars and solid backbeat that form the nucleus of Aldean's signature sound. It also gives fans a taste of what lies in store on the rest of the album.

As the title implies, Wide Open celebrates the unlimited opportunities life offers, while recognizing the all-too-familiar speed bumps along the way.

"Wide Open is the only way I know how to live," explains Aldean. "I don't do anything half-ass, and you never have to guess on where I stand on things. I'm pretty much an open book. I understand there may be hitches along the way, but if I'm in, I'm in no matter what." The modern, aggressive country sound of Wide Open, as well as Jason Aldean and Relentless, can be attributed both to producer Michael Knox and Aldean's touring band, who infuse Aldean's live sound into the studio recordings, melting the two into an unstoppable force his fans have come to recognize with the first note.

"I've worked with Michael Knox for 10 years. We're great friends and he has a real good idea of the kind of songs I like," Aldean says. "We took about a year to find all the songs and record them between gigs. We were able to keep the sound we created together consistent by using my live band in the studio. We almost read each other's minds."

With a calendar full of dates and a power-packed set anchored with hits and highlighted by new material, Aldean is ready to hit the road with superstars including Keith Urban and Toby Keith and live every day the only way conceivable --wide open!


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Released - Tuesday, April 7 , 2009

1. Wide Open
2. This I Gotta See
3. Fast
4. Crazy Town
5. Don't Give Up On Me
6. She's Country
7. On My Highway
8. Keep the Girl
9. Big Green Tractor
10. The Truth
11. Love Was Easy