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U Want Me to Kill Him? Thriller

A moment from 'U Want Me to Kill Him?'.

When 16-year-old Mark, a handsome and popular boy, meets local girl Rachel on the Internet, he quickly finds himself in an intense online relationship. Besotted, he will do anything for her - even befriend and defend her bullied, loner brother, John. When Rachel, who is trapped in an abusive relationship, is murdered, Mark and John are determined to avenge her death.

Their actions draw the attention of a female MI5 agent as they unwittingly stumble into an ongoing operation. Soon, Mark is recruited to commit a devastating crime, one that made British legal history.  

Based on true events in the UK in 2003, "U Want me to Kill Him?" is the story of the dangers of the internet, the new crime scene of the 21st century.


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  • A-moment-from-u-want-me-to-kill-him._article_story_main

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Released - Friday, March 14 , 2014
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