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Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

<p>Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim star in 'Tim &amp; Eric's Billion Dollar Movie.'</p>

An all new feature film from the twisted minds of cult comedy heroes Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim ("Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job")! Tim and Eric are given a billion dollars to make a movie, but squander every dime... and the sinister Schlaaang corporation is pissed. Their lives at stake, the guys skip town in search of a way to pay the money back. When they happen upon a chance to rehabilitate a bankrupt mall full of vagrants, bizarre stores and a man-eating wolf that stalks the food court, they see dollar signs-a billion of them. Featuring cameos from "Awesome Show" regulars and some of the biggest names in comedy today!


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Released - Friday, March 2 , 2012
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