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The Tightrope Concerts Documentary

Peter Brook in 'The Tightrope'

Peter Brook is one of the world's most respected and revolutionary directors of contemporary theatre. To help his actors achieve extraordinary performances, he has a special exercise, called "the Tightrope," which evolved over decades of experimentation and practice into a process of transformation that makes theatre real and new for actor and audience alike. In this quietly eloquent and unique film, director Simon Brook -- Peter's son -- reveals how the Tightrope works its dramatic alchemy.

Filmed in total immersion with five hidden cameras, "The Tightrope" plunges us into the intimate aspects of Brook working with his troupe of actors and musicians. Without disturbing the truth of the moment, the film reveals the magic inherent to the creative process, taking us beyond the intimacy of a workshop and into a philosophical and soulful experience.


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Released - Friday, January 31 , 2014
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  • Starring - Peter Brook
  • Directed by - Simon Brook
  • Distributed by - First Run Features
  • MPAA Rating - Unrated