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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Blu-ray Disc

Get help! That's a good idea when carefree friends traveling the back roads of Texas run into trouble. So they ask for assistance at an eerie, ramshackle farmhouse. That's a bad idea one that cranks up the whirring, ripping terror of this fear-choked re-imagining of the cult fave The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Producer Michael Bay (Transformers), director Marcus Nispel (2009 s Friday the 13th) and their filmmaking team bring edgy contemporary style to a gory frightmare. Jessica Biel leads the cast of roadtrippers who must battle the spinning steel of monstrous Leatherface. Join them for a savage game of hide and shriek.

Special Features

- Three Commentaries on Production, Story and Technical Aspects with Producer Michael Bay, Director Marcus Nispel, Stars Jessica Biel and Eric Balfour

- Alternate Opening and Ending

- Deleted Scenes

- Featurette Comprehensive Feature-Length Documentary Chainsaw Redux: Making a Massacre, Chronicling the Movie's Origins, Casting and Production Ed Gein: The Ghost of Plainfield Shocking Profile of the Real-Like Killer That Inspired the Movie


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