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The Secret Disco Revolution Concerts Documentary

A moment from 'The Secret Disco Revolution'

The disco era, long dismissed as a time of hedonistic excess, has been gravely misunderstood. Revisionist historians now argue the era was in fact an important time of protest: liberating gays, blacks and women. "The Secret Disco Revolution" juxtaposes disco revisionists against revealing new interviews with the era's biggest stars: The Village People, Gloria Gaynor, Kool and the Gang... A goldmine of rarely seen stock footage, and enough disco hits to shake your booty straight back to 1978. But the film's form is as revolutionary as its content: This quietly hilarious doc-satire also features an unreliable Nabokovian narrator; 'reenactments' that are speculative to the point of complete fantasy; and a unique tone of sustained irony that both presents a fresh look at a well-known era, and compels audiences to question it, without ever allowing them off the dance floor.


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Released - Friday, June 28 , 2013
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