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The Punk Singer Concerts Documentary

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Lead singer of the punk band Bikini Kill and dance-punk trio Le Tigre, Hanna rose to national attention as the reluctant but never shy voice of the Riot Grrrl movement of the '90s.  She became one of the most famously outspoken feminist icons for a new generation of women and a cultural lightning rod.  Her critics wished she would just shut up, and her fans hoped she never would. So in 2005, when Hanna stopped shouting, many wondered why.  Through 20 years of archival footage and interviews with Hanna, as well as musicians like Kim Gordon, Joan Jett and Carrie Brownstein, "The Punk Singer" provides a fascinating overview of her influential career, leading up to the much-anticipated launch of her new band, The Julie Ruin.


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Released - Friday, November 29 , 2013
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