The Polar Express[Blu-ray 3D] Family

All the enchantment, all the adventure, all the joy of The Polar Express – all in astonishing true Blu-ray 3D! This instant holiday classic filmed in performance-capture animation by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks now delivers a whole new cargoload of immersive Blu-ray™ magic. Reach out and grab your ticket as the exciting next dimension in home entertainment transports you to the North Pole in amazing fashion!

Features Include:

Also Includes the 2-D Version, Playable on Your Standard Blu-ray Player.
Special Features in 2-D:
Smokey and Steamer Song Not Seen in Theatres
You Look Familiar: The Many Polar Faces of Tom Hanks
A Genuine Ticket to Ride Documentary Gallery: 5 Featurettes
True Inspirations: An Authors Adventure: Profiling Chris Van Allsburg
Believe: Josh Groban Performs at the Greek Theatre
Behind the Scenes of Believe: Bringing a Hit Song to Magical Life in the Recording Studio
Flurry of Effects Gallery: 5 Motion-Capture Sessions
Snow Angels: The Moviemakers Christmas Memories
Theatrical Trailer


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Released - Tuesday, November 16 , 2010