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The Maze Runner Sci-Fi

Dylan O’Brien in 'The Maze Runner'

When Thomas (O'Brien) wakes up trapped in a massive maze with a group of other boys, he has no memory of the outside world other than strange dreams about a mysterious organization known as W.C.K.D.  Only by piecing together fragments of his past with clues he discovers in the maze can Thomas hope to uncover his true purpose and a way to escape.  Based on the best-selling novel by James Dashner.


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  • B
    'The Maze Runner' is the big-budget adaptation of the first book in James Dashner's popular science-fiction series, and Dylan O'Brien, Will Poulter, and Kaya Scodelario all make strong impressions in their roles. Will it kick off the full series? It just might...

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Released - Friday, September 19 , 2014
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