The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty Television

Straight from the tabloids to the television, The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty chronicles the personal and professional lives of the Jackson brothers as they reunite in the aftermath of the passing of their beloved brother, Michael. This six-hour docu-series provides an intimate behind-the-scenes peek into the daily real-life drama that the Jackson brothers experience due to the tabloids, documenting their relationships with one another, their children and their wives as they struggle to balance the demands of their professional commitments and celebrity.

Prior to Michael's untimely death, the brothers planned on celebrating their 40th anniversary with the 'rebirth' of the Jackson Five and a small concert. But both the preparation and performance become extremely emotional as family members and longtime friends come out to show their support in the wake of tragedy. Primarily shot 'in the moment,' The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty also includes some documentary elements to illuminate key moments of the Jackson's legendary history.


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Released - Tuesday, March 30 , 2010