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The Invisible War Concerts Documentary

'The Invisible War' screened at Sundance in 2012.

"The Invisible War" is a groundbreaking investigative documentary about one of our country's most shameful and best kept secrets: the epidemic of rape within our US military. Today, a female soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire with the number of assaults in the last decade alone in the hundreds of thousands.

Focusing on the powerfully emotional stories of several young women, the film reveals the systemic cover up of the crimes against them and follows their struggles to rebuild their lives and fight for justice. "The Invisible War" features hard-hitting interviews with high-ranking military officials and members of Congress that reveal the perfect storm conditions that exist for rape in the military, its history of cover-up, and what can be done to bring about much needed change.


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Released - Friday, June 22 , 2012
Official Website
  • Directed by - Kirby Dick
  • Distributed by - Cinedigm Entertainment
  • MPAA Rating - Unrated