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The Deep Blue Sea

<p>Rachel Weisz in 'The Deep Blue Sea.'</p>

Master chronicler of post-War England, Terence Davies ("The Long Day Closes," "The House of Mirth") directs Rachel Weisz as a woman whose overpowering love threatens her well-being and alienates the men in her life. In a deeply vulnerable performance, Rachel Weisz plays Hester Collyer, the wife of an upper-class judge (Simon Russell Beale) and a free spirit trapped in a passionless marriage. Her encounter with Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston), a troubled former Royal Air Force pilot, throws her life in turmoil, as their erotic relationship leaves her emotionally stranded and physically isolated. The film is an adaptation of British playwright Terence Rattigan’s 1952 play, featuring one of the greatest roles for an actress in modern theatre.

Through flashbacks, Mr. Davies creates memorable cinematic compositions against the backdrop of post-war England. His signature style includes beautiful tracking shots as well as the use of popular music of the day, and here Samuel Barber’s majestic Opus for Violin and Orchestra. Besides his two acclaimed semi-autobiographical features "Distant Voices," "Still Lives" and "The Long Day Closes," "Mr. Davies" films include "The House of Mirth," "The Neon Bible," and his masterful nonfiction exploration of his native city, Liverpool, "Of Time and the City."


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Released - Friday, March 23 , 2012
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