The Conversation [Blu-ray] Drama

A lone surveillance expert, with a meticulous devotion to his work and a policy of never getting personally involved in the jobs he's given, finds himself slowly drawn into an assignment that he starts to detect has major ramifications. He then grapples with his code of non-intervention.

Features Include:

Interview with director Francis For Coppola and composer David Shire - NEVER- BEFORE-SEEN
Discussion with Francis For Coppola about his early film exercise, "No Cigar" - NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN
“Harry Caul's San Francisco” featurette - NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN
Archival screen tests with Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams – NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN
Archival footage of Francis Ford Coppola dictating the original script – NEVER-BEFORE-HEARD
Archival on-set interview with Gene Hackman
“Close-up on THE CONVERSATION” featurette
Audio commentary with director Francis Ford Coppola
Audio commentary with editor Walter Murch
Theatrical trailer


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Released - Tuesday, October 25 , 2011