The Christmas Clause - DVD Action & Adventure

A stressed-out mother makes a Christmas wish for a different life, only to realize that the sweet life doesn't come without its fair share of cavities in this uplifting holiday fantasy starring Lea Thompson. Between maintaining her career as a high-powered lawyer, tending to her three kids, and maintaining her relationship with her loving husband, Sophie Kelly (Thompson) never has a spare minute to herself. When Sophie takes her kids to the mall and Santa asks her what she wants for Christmas, she impulsively wishes for a new life. Subsequently transformed into a successful, single attorney who heads up her own firm, Sophie discovers that not even the advances of a handsome young bachelor can make her forget the time she shared with her beloved family. And come Christmas Day, Sophie will never be able to go back to her old life. With time running out and the snow starting to fall, Sophie learns that no life is as perfect as it seems from afar, and the only way she'll ever be truly happy is by going back to the people who love her most. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide


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Released - Tuesday, November 10 , 2009