Swingers [Blu-ray] Comedy

An ensemble comedy about five guys, all in their twenties, all coping with the mysteries of life and women, and is set in the back streets and sometimes hidden clubs of Hollywood. It's a story told in the language of the "cocktail nation," a growing twentysomething retro-Swing dance movement that's taken Hollywood by storm and is beginning to sweep the nation.

Mike is down in the dumps because he left his girlfriend behind in New York when he came to Hollywood to seek his acting fortune. Instead, he's found loneliness and the blues. Now, after six months of dealing with Mike, his buddy Trent and the other swingers have had enough. It's time to bring Mike back to life.

Features Include:

• "Making it in Hollywood" Original Documentary
• Art Imitates Life: Writing the Story
• Life Creates Art: Getting “Swingers” Made
• Life Imitates Art: “Swingers” Culture
• Art Creates Life: Life After “Swingers”
• The Cutting Room Floor
• Audio Commentary
• Illustrated Action Commentary
• “Swingblade” Short Film
• Original Theatrical Trailer


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Released - Tuesday, August 23 , 2011