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Sweetwater Westerns & War

January Jones in 'Sweetwater'

Against the backdrop of a young American West, we meet Miguel and Sarah, a newlywed couple madly in love with each other, but struggling to make a living cultivating their small patch of land in Arizona.  A much bigger struggle awaits them, though.  A powerful land-owner named Josiah, the preacher of their community, is after their property, the last bit of land he doesn't own.  A very violent and flawed individual, Josiah starts to sabotage the young couple, and when that doesn't work, he kills Miguel and hides his body.

Sarah, assuming the worst, tries to keep the farm going.  Meanwhile, Sheriff Jackson, a man of the law from the big city, arrives in the small town to investigate Josiah. Facing the town's rampant corruption, Jackson fires the local Sheriff and begins his investigation in earnest.  

After being raped by Josiah, Sarah realizes that her husband is never coming back and that Josiah was his killer. So while Sheriff Jackson tries to bring justice to the town, Sarah decides to take justice in her own hands. Systematically eliminating Josiah’s men one by one, Sarah comes to Josiah’s ranch, saves an imprisoned and tortured Jackson from sure death, and proceeds to hunt down Josiah in one last, jaw-dropping showdown.


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Released - Friday, October 11 , 2013
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