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A moment from 'Supporting Characters'

Best friends Nick (Alex Karpovsky, "Girls") and Darryl (co-writer Tarik Lowe) are a New York film editing duo hired to salvage a botched comedy from a manic director (Kevin Corrigan, "Pineapple Express") gone AWOL. But what starts as a simple job quickly sends their relationships—with their significant others and each other—reeling. Amidst trouble with his fiancée (Sophia Takal, "V/H/S"), Nick finds himself falling for the film's flirtatious ingénue (Arielle Kebbel, "90210"); Darryl, meanwhile, struggles to focus on his editing work in between fights with his tempestuous girlfriend (Melonie Diaz, "Be Kind Rewind"). With real humor and heart, "Supporting Characters" offers a sharp, knowing take on life and love in the big city.


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Released - Friday, January 25 , 2013
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