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Split: A Deeper Divide Concerts Documentary

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"Split: A Deeper Divide" carries the riveting investigation into the partisanship paralyzing our politics initiated by the critically-acclaimed "Split: A Divided America" - further revealing a shocking political portrait of a nation even more profoundly polarized and deeply divided than before.

The thought-provoking documentary explores the historically unprecedented partisan rancour plaguing our country and our politics through extraordinary access to some of the sharpest minds analyzing politics and society today including Senator Bayh (D-IN), Senator Hagel (R-NE), Lawrence Lessig (Director, Foundation of Ethics; Harvard), Grover Norquist (American for Tax Reform) Jacob Hacker (Director, Institution for Social and Policy Studies; Yale), Ezra Klein (MSNBC), Robert Kaiser (Washington Post), Norm Ornstein (AEI), Thomas Frank (Wall Street Journal), Noam Chomsky (MIT), Robert Putnam (Harvard), Jesse Jackson (Rainbow/PUSH Coallition), Nicholas Kristof (NY Times), Tucker Carlson (Fox News), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) among others - for commentary as insightful as it is entertaining.

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Released - Friday, October 12 , 2012
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