Robin Hood: Men In Tights [Blu-ray]

It's not Blazing Saddles, but there are some chuckles to be found in Mel Brooks's 1993 spoof of the Robin Hood legend. Cary Elwes is Robin (with a lighthearted jab at Kevin Costner's bad English accent in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), while Richard Lewis plays an angst-ridden King John, and Roger Rees a snotty Sheriff of Nottingham. Comic David Chappelle has some good moments as the only black member of Robins's noble thieves, and Brooks does his own spin on Friar Tuck: Rabbi Tuchman. The song-and-dance sequences featuring a chorus line of the Merry Men ("We're men / men in tights") is vintage Brooks, but otherwise the film can't get any traction. --Tom Keogh

Features Include:

-Note: Funny Men in Tights: tree generations of comedy HD featurette
-Robin Hood: men in tights - the legend had it coming HBO special
-Commentary by Mel Brooks
-Isolated score track


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Released - Tuesday, May 11 , 2010
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