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Philomena Drama

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Judi Dench stars opposite Steve Coogan in this film based on the book "The Lost Child of Philomena Lee."  The Weinstein Company is set to distribute the movie in the U.S.

Falling pregnant as a teenager in Ireland in 1952, Philomena Lee was sent to the convent of Roscrea to be looked after as a 'fallen woman'.  When her baby was only a toddler, he was whisked away by the nuns to America for adoption. Philomena spent the next fifty years searching for him in vain.

Then she met Martin Sixsmith, a world-weary journalist as cynical as Philomena was trusting. Together they set off for America on a journey that would not only reveal the extraordinary story of Philomena’s son, but also the powerful bond that grew up between Philomena and Martin – a surprising relationship that was both profoundly moving and very funny.

The film is a bitter-sweet comedy, a compelling narrative of human love and loss, and a heart-breaking story that ultimately celebrates life. 



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Released - Friday, November 22 , 2013
Official Website
  • Starring - Judi Dench, Steve Coogan
  • Directed by - Stephen Frears
  • Distributed by - The Weinstein Company
  • MPAA Rating - PG-13