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Pawn Shop Chronicles Comedy

A moment from 'Pawn Shop Chronicles'
In this shop, these people may be pawning far more than they bargained for: Brendan Fraser ("The Mummy"), Elijah Wood ("The Lord of the Rings"), Vincent D’Onofrio ("Men in Black"), Academy Award® nominee Matt Dillon ("Crash"), Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead"), Thomas Jane ("Hung"), Lukas Haas ("Inception"), and Paul Walker ("The Fast & the Furious"), star in 3 twisted tales all connected by items from a Southern small-town pawn shop. A man searching for his kidnapped wife, a couple of white-supremacist meth heads, and a sad-sack Elvis impersonator, plus more desperate characters come to life in the action-packed and hilarious story written by Adam Minarovich and from the director of "The Cooler" and "Running Scared," Wayne Kramer.


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Released - Friday, July 12 , 2013