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Nuclear Nation Concerts Documentary

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March 11, 2011: a serious earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, crippling the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, releasing radiation, and turning the residents of Futaba into "nuclear refugees."  The devastation experienced by the town - dead livestock left to rot, crops abandoned, homes and businesses destroyed - was infinitely worse than anything reported by the newspapers.  A year later, 500 evacuees are still unable to return to their contaminated homes.  The irony of this disaster occurring in a nation that experienced two nuclear bombs is not lost on the victims who poignantly question their responsibility for striking a Faustian bargain with nuclear power.  "Nuclear Nation" suggests that a relatively small tragedy could one day be replicated on a much larger scale - perhaps in your own backyard. 


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Released - Wednesday, December 11 , 2013
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  • Directed by - Atushi Funahashi
  • Distributed by - First Run Features