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<p>Doze Niu Chen Zer directs 'Love.'</p>
We’ve all been touched by love, but no one really understands it, nor can anyone explain why we do the things we do when we are in love. This is a story that happened in two cities, Taipei and Beijing. A story about eight lonely people searching for love. All that happened and every sacrifice that was made all for LOVE. Starring screen siren Shu Qi ("If You Are The One 1" & "2," "The Transporter") and directed by Doze Niu Chen Zer ("Monga," "What On Earth Have I Done Wrong").


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Released - Friday, February 17 , 2012
Official Website
  • Starring - Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Mark Chao
  • Directed by - Doze Niu Chen Zer
  • Distributed by - China Lion Films
  • MPAA Rating - Unrated