Lewis Black: Old Yeller: Live at the Borgata - DVD Comedy

We’re screwed! You name it – politics, the environment, healthcare, parenting, social media – we’ve completely messed it up! And who better to squeeze laughter from the outrageous but the reigning king of rant, Lewis Black. His one-man crusade against idiocy and insanity – in front of a sold-out Atlantic City audience – will have you laughing out loud and shouting along. As one of the biggest headlining comics working today, a bestselling author, actor and a regular on Comedy Central and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Lewis has sharpened his hysterical, intelligent, take-no-prisoners tirades to razor-sharp daggers of pure comedy gold. Sit back, enjoy and get ready for the funniest fit of rage you’ve ever seen.

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Released - Tuesday, May 6 , 2014
  • Starring - Lewis Black
  • Distributed by - Image Entertainment
  • MPAA Rating - NR