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Includes:The Case for Christ (2007) The Case for Faith (2007) The Case for Creation The Case for Christ The documentary The Case for Christ follows reporter Lee Strobel as he interviews a number of religious and historical scholars in order to find out if there is any proof of the resurrection, and to discover the historical veracity of the New Testament. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide The Case for Faith Journalist Lee Strobel confronts the two questions most frequently asked by both believers and skeptics alike in this documentary produced to address the most emotional objections to Christianity. By asking why Jesus is the only way to God and why a loving God would allow so much misery and suffering in the world, Strobel refuses to shy away from the issues that many Christians are confronted with time and again. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide The Case for Creation If you are still struggling with the concept of divine creation, then this video is the ultimate persuasive tool. Filled with facts that expose the occupation of mainstream science in our schools and other public institutions, this video is for all of those who feel that science has gone too far. Dr. D. James Kennedy and several other noted creationists gather to expose the "little known" facts of the Scopes Trial and other secret information withheld from citizens and students by Darwinists. If you feel you are ill-informed on the facts of God's plan for Earth, this Eden Communications video will surely clear up any confusion. ~ Ed Atkinson, All Movie Guide

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Released - Tuesday, August 25 , 2009
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  • MPAA Rating - NR